giúp đồng nghiệp tránh khỏi sự răng

giúp đồng nghiệp tránh khỏi sự răng tam giác bầu dục hình thể cung hàm phản ảnh cung răng giả tương lai sẽ thiểu sự nâng đỡ oqr vùng răng nanh nếu cung hàm có hình tam giác. to support crowns or bridges. Tooth body: is a hollow core photograph, this core is placed close to the head on the Abutment cylinder.This crown has a shape, size, color, and function just like the real tooth lost before.Why is Implant considered a tendency to implant dentures when teeth are lost?The reason implant implants is considered to be the tendency of implant dentures when losing teeth is more interested than other methods because it can overcome the shortcomings of the old methods, brings many outstanding advantages Replace lost teeth perfectly. Just to ensure aesthetics, to ensure the natural chewing function of the teeth.- Implant teeth fixed in the jawbone, not falling, do not affect the ability to chew and communicate, do not cause you trouble when used.Implant implants are the best solution when the best tooth loss today is chosen by many people.Both dental implants and Implants have the trồng răng nha khoa ident implant ability to replant teeth, but implant implants are more outstanding than:The condition of planting porcelain bridges is to grind the teeth of at least two adjacent teeth to make the abutment. Real teeth are weakened, the risk of death is high.Dental crowns cannot be made for teeth 7 because teeth 8 are not eligible for abutment. Parallel to that, missing teeth cannot grow porcelain teeth nha khoa ident because no root teeth.Dental Implant can be performed in all cases of one or more teeth including the whole. Implant independent teeth in the jaw without affecting the real teeth.Implant teeth like a new tooth growing from the gums, almost no difference with the real teeth. Meanwhile, porcelain bridges cannot restore the root cannot prevent the loss of bone. After a period of gum will shrink nha khoa ident causing aesthetic.The ability to chew the food of the two methods also differ markedly. Transplantation of porcelain bridges only restored 60 - 70% of chewing teeth. With implant teeth, chewing ability and food sensation of the tooth is almost completely restored.Although implant costs are higher than porcelain crowns, it only needs to be done once. However, if compared with quite many dental implants times planting teeth, the cost of this year is not too high, saving you more time and effort.The root of the porcelain teeth is not broken, so the bridge is very brittle. Over time, the real tooth will weaken and not be strong dentist prices

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